We are happy to provide a full management service for your vessel should you wish to moor your vessel at Horizon Shores Marina.   No need to worry about her maintenance or having her topped up with fuel for your next trip we can organise this for you and have her all ready to go.


Within our business structure we also facilitate a marine survey division and marine consulting services.  It is important to have a detailed inspection of a marine vessel in order to ensure that the vessel is safe for the conditions in which it is designed, and what repairs or maintenance is required.  Always ensure that if you are purchasing a vessel or going to undertake repairs – always check.  Some of our associates are accredited naval architects and marine surveyors, AMSA approved.   Should you have problems or any queries in relation to mono/multihulls vessel we are more than happy to assist with professional advice. 




Pacific Blue Cruisecat has quite a few projects on the go and those in the pipeline at the moment.

  1. CC4030  Cruisecat Flybridge 40ft Hull with 30ft Cabin.

  2. CC4030 Sedan Cruiser (no flybridge) 40ft Hull with 30ft Cabin.

  3. CC4030 Cruisecat Flybridge 40ft Hull with 30ft Cabin

  4. CC4030 Cruisecat Flybridge 40ft Hull with 30ft Cabin.

  5. New Cruisecat  vessel - 22mtr long and 9 mtr beam, she will be epitome of the Vessels right here on the Gold Coast.

No matter what you are after we are sure that we can design the vessel that is right for what you looking for, whether that be for commercial, pleasure, workboats etc.

When looking for the perfect vessel, remember (a) work out your budget; and (b) put together a wish list.  You never know what can be achieved.

If you don't ask you never know.



Our clients are exceptionally impressed with the Cruisecat in that she is a very stylish vessel

When they visit the factory their immediate reaction is WOW, didn't realise how big she really is out of the water.

All of our clients are exceptionally happy with their vessels.

They understand that you can't rush perfection.    Remember to never rush to get the boat that you have always dreamt of, building a vessel takes time and a lot of hard work.  All of our vessel are built to survey standards and we are proud of what we produce.

As they say "All good things come to those who wait".......



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